Bravo Company’s Enhanced MK2 Upper Receiver

Bravo Company’s Enhanced MK2 Upper Receiver

BCM MK2 Upper Receiver 6

Addressing a common weakness in the modern AR-15 receiver design, BCM's MK2 Upper creates a stronger, more accurate carbine.

How The BCM MK2 Upper Improves The AR Design:

  • More material at the top of the upper creates a stronger and stiffer receiver.
  • Gas venting has been improved so it goes away from the user's face.
  • Forward assist positioned to create additional clearance side charging handle and end-plate mount slings.
  • To many, there’s no improving on the AR-15. It’s practically perfect in every way, thank you very much. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t firms out there who figure they can make the tried-and-true rifle just a bit better than what’s come before.

    Count Bravo Company among those who are bound and determined to reinvent the wheel. But with their latest release, the Wisconsin company just might have pulled it off—at least in some subtle, yet important ways. Foregoing a complete revamp, the BCM MK2 Upper Receiver fortifies some standard weaknesses of a typical AR, and enhances it to function seamlessly with what have become more common accessories.

    So, what the heck does that all mean? Namely, they’ve made the top of the receiver—particularly around the ejection port—more robust, as well as made them play nicer with optics and suppressors.

    BCM MK2 Upper Receiver 3

    To the former design point, a somewhat winnowed receiver top came about on many ARs when the military moved from carry handle to flat-top receivers as optics became more accepted. Basically, there was simply less material up there, which BMC addresses with the MK2 Upper by bolstering the top by moving material there from non-critical areas. Overall, this creates a stiffer receiver, reducing barrel deflection and enhancing bore tolerances, improving barrel alignment, consistency and accuracy.

    Need More AR Knowledge:

    As to the latter aspects of the MK2 Upper, the receiver—of course—is optics ready and features an added gas expansion area and new channels around the charging handle opening to vent gas away from the user’s face. If you run a suppressor, you understand this means less distraction and a more functional rifle.

    Also, a bit minor compared to the MK2 Upper’s other facets, BCM has also fine-tuned the forward assist position. Simple but practical, this creates additional clearance for right-hand side charging handle manipulation and end-plate mounted slings.

    BCM MK2 Upper Receiver 2

    The MK2 Upper Receiver also retains all USGI components in assembly and works with all USGI bolt carriers, charging handles and barrel assemblies. It’s forged from 7075T6 aluminum, which retains a form following grain structure which maximizes achievable strength. Presently, the BCM MK2 Upper has an MSRP of $129 on the company’s website.

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