Anderson Announces AM-10 Gen 2 Series

Anderson Announces AM-10 Gen 2 Series

Anderson Manufacturing has just announced the AM-10 Gen 2 Series, the second generation of the company’s AR-10 rifle line featuring three new models.

While AR components are Anderson Manufacturing’s bread and butter, the company’s complete firearms have become popular choices as well. After releasing the A4 series of complete AR-15s earlier this year, Anderson has just announced the AM-10 Gen 2 Series. It’s the second generation of the company’s .308 AR-10 rifle line, featuring three new models at launch with more promised for the future.

Anderson AM-10 Battle Rifle
Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Series 16″ Battle Rifle.

All of Anderson’s AR-10 rifles are DPMS-pattern, and the rifles in the AM-10 Gen 2 Series all share a handful of common features and improvements. All three models have improved contouring and tolerances, a flared magwell and are compatible with standard AR-15 grips.

Anderson AM-10 Ranger
Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Series 18″ Ranger.

The three AM-10 Gen 2 models all feature different barrel lengths. The 16-inch version is called the Battle Rifle, the 18-inch version is called the Ranger and the 20-inch model is the Marksman XL. Naturally, each one is advertised as being particularly suited for certain kinds of tasks. The 16-inch Battle Rifle is the most basic, general-use model available, as well as the least expensive with an MSRP of $950. It features an adjustable Magpul MOE stock, a K2 grip and a 15-inch M-LOK handguard. Besides the one obvious difference, the 18-inch Ranger model is almost identical to the Battle Rifle except for its MSRP of $1,000, different flash hider and inclusion of a 2-stage trigger to improve long-range shooting capabilities. Both the Ranger and the Battle Rifle use a mid-length gas system as well.

Anderson AM-10 Marksman XL
Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Series 20″ Marksman XL.

With its 20-inch barrel, the Marksman XL is the most precision-oriented rifle in the AM-10 Gen 2 Series. It features a Magpul PRS Lite buttstock instead of a carbine stock, but otherwise has the same pistol grip and rail system as the other AM-10s. The Marksman XL also uses the same Night Stalker flash hider and two-stage trigger as the Ranger. It has an MSRP of $1,075 and should be softer-shooting than the other two models thanks to its rifle-length gas system.

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