Get a JP Enterprises Rifle … On Demand!


Fans of AR-style guns need no introduction to JP Enterprises, who’ve built a reputation for premium custom rifles.

Now, JP Enterprises is announcing the launch of their new Ready Rifle program of stock JP-15 and CTR-02 configurations ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Selected from several of their best-selling builds, each Ready Rifle is identical to a custom one-off JP rifle, but instead of a 4-6 week lead time, these Ready Rifles are built and ready to ship in as little as 2-3 days.

“Long lead times don’t make our rifles or any other product prestigious,” said JP president John Paul. “It all comes down to hands-on impact and proven results. We want to get a rifle into the customer’s hands now because we’re not impressing him one bit for the weeks he’s waiting.” By having new rifles available to customers in less than a week, JP expects a rousing response from shooters looking forward to an upcoming match or a hunting trip that’s right around the corner.

The program is structured around individual models tailored to the full gamut of uses from duty to competition to hunting to bench shooting. By casting such a wide net, JP aims to win over shooters from every persuasion and already has plans for more configurations to add to the Ready Rifle offerings as the program grows.

For more information on JP Enterprises and their new Ready Rifle program, visit their website at

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