Nightforce has quietly been making a name in the tactical scope industry for years by building scopes that will work through any type of torture, including a through-and-through shot from a 7.62×39 round. (see its website for details)

Nightforce scopeNow that tough-as-nails construction is coming to the hunting market. And one of the best options is the 2.5-10×24 NXS (shown at left).

It is perhaps the most versatile, rugged and practical all-around scope on the market for the hunter and for general shooting. Those who thought a huge 40 or 50mm objective lens was essential for use in low-light conditions will find the superb resolution of the Nightforce lenses provides low-light performance comparable to—in most cases, exceeding—that of lesser quality scopes with massive objectives.

The streamlined design of the 2.5-10 x 24 provides a range of mounting options and complements, rather than dominates, a fine hunting rifle. While it will easily absorb the pounding of heavy calibers, those who enjoy shooting small centerfire calibers will also appreciate a scope that does not overwhelm trim, elegant firearms.

There are no parallax or focusing concerns, and its light weight makes it a perfect complement to a mountain rifle. If you want to get your hands on a scope that is battle-tested tough, but also refined and elegant, reach for a Nightforce.

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