When Taurus originally came out with the 24/7 line, everyone talked about the ergonomics, light weight and wonderful grip.  Now we have some more to talk about. The 24/7 OSS DS, offers all these features plus a longer barrel and sight radius and the new double strike feature lets you simply pull the trigger again on a misfire.

Now there are two schools of thought on this: One is that any misfire should be immediately met with a malfunction drill. The other is if you can quickly pull the trigger once more and make the gun go “bang” you’ve just saved that three-quarters of a second it takes to “tap, rack and roll.”  I’ll go for the double-strike option any time. If the firing pin hits the primer twice without a result, I’ll look for cover and run the malfunction drill.

But there was something else I liked about the Taurus: The orange magazine follower. Yes, that’s right, ORANGE. And I now think all magazine followers on all fighting pistols should be orange. This visual indicator of an empty magazine is outstanding. It is especially good in a training situations when you are checking or clearing a weapon.

Getting on with the real meat of a gun test, the OSS was a dream to shoot. With 15 rounds of .40 S&W on top of that orange follower, there was lots of shooting to be done. The long slide and comfortable design of the OSS made rapid fire accurate and fun.

When I moved over to the .45 ACP model, I noticed the magazine followers were not orange and therefore should be fixed, but I also noticed that the guns came with a magazine-loading tool for a reason. Even though the .45 ACP holds 12 rounds and the .40 S&W holds 15, getting that final round of .45 in the magazine was something of a chore. The loading tool really helped.

Shooting the .45 was every bit as comfortable and enjoyable as the .40 S&W, though I tended to shoot the .45 quite a bit low. I’ll chalk that up to my 6 o’clock hold on the target. A dead-center hold seemed to work better.

All in all, both guns are worth a look if you want a long-slide model with plenty of firepower.

If you want to get your hands on a Taurus PT24/7 OSS DS, check out www.taurususa.com.


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  1. It really is too bad Taurus discontinued this model. I know they now make a 24/7 G2 but they went away from this platform of a military grade pistol with the longer 5.25″ barrel. I bought a 24/7 OSS DS with the stainless slide in .40 S&W. Man I have to say, it’s a beast of a gun. It’s one of those guns that I find most people don’t know anything about and always ask what the heck it is. I’ve had people think it’s a Springfield XD. Anyhow, as far as reliability and features, it’s outstanding in every way. The feel of it in my hand is fantastic too. It’ll shoot in single action after racking the slide but you can de-cock it to shoot it double action on the first shot. The thing is, both trigger actions are smooth as butter. The double action on this is amazingly smooth and light compared to any other gun I own or have shot. The gun is very accurate as it has a match grade barrel.

    I find this gun to have been a steal at what I paid which was $399 new. I’ve seen them used since at $500. Not selling mine. It holds 15+1 in the .40 and that’s a lot considering how great the grip feels. Never any type of issues with this gun and it looks great too. I really wish Taurus would make a G2 version of the OSS, I’d buy one in 45 auto. Maybe a 5″ barrel. The G2 24/7 comes with a 4.2″ barrel or you can get the compact with a 3.1″ barrel. Come on Taurus, make one with a longer barrel!

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