Sometimes you just need to plink.

And other times, you need a great way train with a weapon system that mimics your duty weapon but offers reduced recoil, report and ammo costs.

If you have these needs, you need a GSG-5. The GSG-5, sold by American Tactical Imports, mimics the size, weight and function of the famous H&K MP-5 but it fires the economical .22 LR.

That’s a mock suppressor out front, giving you an BATFE-legal rifle with the look and feel of a world-famous subgun.

With a list price of less than $500, these things are going to sell like crazy.

Contact to get your hands on a GSG-5.GSG-5


Caliber: .22 Long Rifle

Capacity: 22 rounds

Action: Semiauto

Overall weight: 6.6 pounds

Overall length: 33.5 inches

Barrel length: 16.25 inches

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