Video: How to Make a Manual Well Pump

Video: How to Make a Manual Well Pump
Watch the video to find out how to make a manual water pump for about $20.


Manual Water Pump
Watch the video to find out how to make a manual water pump for about $20.

This video explains how to make a manual well pump. It's an innovative way to solve the water problem during a blackout.

The manual well pump in the video isn't like the hand-cranked ones from yesteryear. It's more of a modified pitcher. Dip it into the well and empty it into a container.

Manual well pumps are best for those in rural areas, where private wells are common. Urban and suburban dwellers should check local regulations before trying to install a manual well pump. The better choice may be to focus on water storage or filtration rather than manual well pumps.

For rural folks, there are other options if the manual well pump doesn't work for your set-up.

Hand water pumps are available commercially from a number of suppliers, such as Bison Hand Water Pumps. They're reliable, but may require a permanent install. The video above is a good technique for temporary manual well pump needs.

If your home is wired for a back-up generator, it may be possible to run the well pump using emergency power. Just make sure the generator is set up properly. Find tips and tricks for this project here.

A simple rain water catcher is another option. This can be as simple as directing gutters to empty into a container. Commercial rain catcher barrels are also available. The difference is the spouts on the barrels. They make it easier to draw and store rain water.

Your Turn: Ever Made a Manual Well Pump?

There are many ways to build a manual well pump. What methods have you used? Leave a comment below or head to this thread on

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