Training For The Real Deal

To shoot from the ground you have to be able to get your concealed carry handgun out of the holster.

Do you have a training scar? Watch some videos of officer-involved shootings and you will see police officers fight their way to the 7-yard-line, square up to the target and, sadly, in some cases, die there.

The reality is that gunfights are dynamic. Can you access your concealed carry handgun from a compromised position? Does your concealed carry holster work well enough to keep your firearm in place, but accessible if you are NOT standing still,  on level ground, shooting at a stationary target? You will fight like you train. And you should never fight standing still, directly in front of your opponent.  When faced with a threat you must: Move, Draw, Engage.

Get to cover. Stay at your cover. Only break cover if you are moving to better cover. Don’t stand still and trade shots. When you are training set up drills that require you to move to cover before you fire. Shoot from many different positions. Draw from the holster, don’t engage from the low ready position. You will need to use all your skills in a fight. So use them all in training.

If you are not training to use cover, you might forget to do so in a real fight. That could be a deadly mistake.

Marksmanship is only part of the equation. Tactics, mindset and physical ability are also key element in surviving a deadly force incident. Work to hone them all.

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