Steel Hostage Target for Training


The hostage target is a steel representation of the classic paper target where the bad guy is behind the hostage, using that person as a shield. Police have trained for
years on paper targets to hit the bad guy, but not hurt the hostage. In IDPA
and IPSC matches, there can be a “No-Shoot” target in front of a target that
you must engage. It takes skill and a lot of practice to make those critical
shots. These new targets give you an opportunity to continuously practice while
not having to score or replace a paper target.

The Custom Metal Products hostage target consists of an IDPA torso with a round target showing at the shoulder. The “bad guy” target is hinged on a Grade 8 Bolt on the rear of the torso, and when hit; it flips to the other shoulder, and stays there until you hit it again. The white paint on the “bad guy” and on the torso shows the location of the hit. (In this case, there should not be any hits on the torso)


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