Stay Alive: A Practical Survival Manual for Everyday People

Stay Alive: A Practical Survival Manual for Everyday People

A Survival Manual for Regular Folks

Stay Alive! Survival Skills You NeedWhat is the average Joe supposed to do with a military survival manual? They're written for the men and women of the armed forces. Regular folks in North America don't need to know how to hang glide off a mountain top or make a booby trap. They need a practical survival manual for getting through power outages, natural disasters, mishaps in the outdoors and shortages.

That's what sets Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need apart from other survival manuals. It's a survival guide for everyday people anticipating typical disaster scenarios. These topics are covered in this essential survival manual:

* Must-have items of a survival kit
* Selecting essential tools: knives, saw, shovel
* Techniques for starting and maintaining a fire
* Creating or seeking smart shelters
* Collecting water in the wild
* Navigation in nature
* Finding food and preparing it safely in the wild

As the video above shows, author John D. McCann is a “practice what you preach” kind of author. He spends a lot of time in the field, testing and tweaking his techniques. If they didn't work, he didn't put them in this survival manual.

McCann's strategy seems to be working. Interest in his insights remains high. He is also the author of Build the Perfect Survival Kit, which is the perfect complement to Stay Alive!.

What are People Saying About this Survival Manual?

“It is written so that everyone, from novice to experienced survivalist, can learn from it.” – Ellis M. Delahoy, Amazon reviewer

“John McCann writes this book in a very understandable way. He makes what he is teaching you seem like you already knew it. You just hadn't thought about it that way. It makes his lessons memorable. I have never written a book review before, but this book deserved it.” – Molon Labe, Amazon reviewer

“I like all of the color photos and every chapter is very complete in its content.” – Francisco Loaiza, Amazon reviewer

A Quick Survival Tip from the Author

A tip from the Stay Alive! survival manualMcCann's survival manual is full of great tips. This one is from the Fire & Light chapter:

“I have been carrying a small pencil sharpener in my fire kit for years. It is my tinder maker. It works really well on small sticks found laying around. It is even effective when wood is wet, as you can scrape off the wet outside, then make plenty of shavings from the nice dry wood inside.”

Keep the Lights On

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