Ruger Mark II: The Best Survival Pistol?

Ruger Mark II: The Best Survival Pistol?

Here's why the Ruger Mark II might be the best survival pistol. Do you agree? What's your pick for the best survival pistol? Find ideas here.

If the .22 really is the best survival ammunition, then the best survival pistol must be something that uses these loads.

One that's reliably thrown .22LR rounds downrange for about 30 years now is the Ruger Mark II. Could it be the best survival pistol? It does match the characteristics of the best survival pistols outlined in this previous Living Ready article.

Best Survival Pistol: The Case for the Ruger Mark II

The Ruger Mark II made an impression on John Farkas. To him, it's the best survival pistol. Here's why:

The Ruger Mark II rimfire pistol holds ten rounds of .22LR and is perfect as a lightweight hunting pistol. As an added bonus, ammo is cheap and plentiful.

John hopes that he will have a full-size pistol, or better yet, a rifle with him if the bag is ever needed. He keeps the Ruger in his bag as a backup.

In his own words, Farkas explains his bug out bag strategy.

I clean and refill my canteens every week. Clothing depends on the time of year. I try to keep this a 3-day bag. Weight is always a concern. I want to be as comfortable as possible, but still able to carry over long distances.

The contents change from time to time, but these are the basics that I always keep. I take this bag with me to work and vacation (as long as I’m not flying).

My wife and two children (9 and 10) each have a bag. They each contain basic clothing, canteens, food, first aid items, hygiene items, GPS radio, poncho and casualty blanket.


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