New Concealed Carry Holster Stays Sweet

New Concealed Carry Holster Stays Sweet
Here is a look at both the front and back of the new Bianchi Suppression.

You know that toting a concealed carry handgun, especially one in a concealed carry holster that rides close to your body, in the heat of the summer can become a sweaty proposition.

The new Model  135 Suppression holster from Bianchi features an inside-the-waistband design that is all about concealibility and comfort.

Concealibility is obtained by the holster sitting low enough that the thickest part of the weapon lies directly underneath the belt, helping to obscure its shape.

Meanwhile, two shirt-tuckable C-clips grasp the belt and, taking as little real estate as possible, give the appearance of an empty belt. The gun cant is optimized to put the grip into the kidney area of the back, minimizing any visible printing. Comfort is enhanced with a body-facing holster liner composed of soft foam covered with an anti-microbial mesh coating to reduce bacteria growth and odor.

The 135 Suppression is part of the new Allusion line of holsters from Bianchi. All of them are designed to fit 1.5 inch belts and are available inn full-grain leather, plain finish, tan or black.

And the Suppression sells for about $75. For that money you get a good looking, properly fitted holster that will stand up to tons of abuse AND won't get all stinky during the summer months. Who could ask for more?

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