Modern Shooter TV Full Episode: Colt Competition

Modern Shooter TV Full Episode: Colt Competition

Colt Pro Shooters Maggie Reese and Mark Redl engage in some friendly handgun shooting competition, proving there's a lot to gain from introducing a lighthearted and fun aspect to your handgun training.

The two pros shoot three stages, taking turns behind the gun and then as impromptu range safety officers.

On the first stage, maximum points are earned by making holes in the A Zone of standard IDPA cardboard targets. Two rounds are fired at each of the near targets, followed by a mandatory reload, and then two rounds fired at each of the far targets.

Shots are timed with after-shot explanation from Redl and Reese as they call their shots and reflect on what worked and what didn't.

Stage two is also shot under the stress of the timer, and is comprised of six steel plates engaged in a row, followed by a reload and six more shots.

Modern Shooter TV - Colt Competition PistolThe Modern Shooter crew then takes a break and goes behind the scenes at Colt to see how their legendary 1911s are CNC machined, blued and heat treated — and then onto final assembly and quality control.

Get a look at the new Colt Competition Pistol, which is made ready to run and compete right out of the box.

Then it's back to the range with Maggie and Mark for stage 3, a run-and-gun challenge, two-shot minimum per target with the added fun of shooting around a wall at targets covered with a “no shoot” sign that poses points reductions. A real nerve rattler.

Who will pull ahead and be declared the official winner of this unofficial competition? Watch the full episode of Modern Shooter TV above and find out.

New episodes of Modern Shooter air 8 p.m. ET Monday nights on Sportsman Channel, with an encore showing at 11 p.m. Replays can be viewed 12 p.m. on Thursday and 5 a.m. on Sunday. Clips of Modern Shooter are also available at Gun Digest’s YouTube channel.

Modern Shooter is produced for gun enthusiasts who look for the best in firearms programming and is sponsored by the top names in the firearms industry. Those sponsors include: Colt Manufacturing, FNH USA, Aguila Ammunition and H&H Precision Manufacturing.

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