How To Master Field Shooting Positions

How To Master Field Shooting Positions


When preparing for hunting season, it’s important to practice field shooting positions that replicate real-world scenarios.

Most North American big game hunting doesn’t afford you the opportunity to use a bench rest or even shoot from the prone position, so it’s critical that you become proficient at shooting from the standing, kneeling and sitting positions.

When performed correctly, the sitting position can be one of the more comfortable and easy to master in the field.

First, cross your feet and bend your legs, lowering yourself steadily to the ground. As you do so, place your right hand on the ground while keeping the rifle in your left as you come to a seated position.

If you’re physically able, crossing your legs at the ankle provides additional support; if you lack the flexibility to do so, you can adapt a position with your feet spread on the ground in front of you.

Leaning forward, place the backs of your arms against the front of your shins to create a natural sandbag-like rest with your body.

Avoid the common mistake of placing your elbows on the tops of your knees, since the bone-on-bone contact makes for an unstable shooting platform.

Since big game hunting often requires that you use slow, steady movements when approaching game for a shot, it’s important that you’re comfortable getting in and out of your preferred field shooting positions. Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.


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