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Lyman’s new Ultimate Case Prep Kit has nearly every tool you need to uniform brass before reloading.
Lyman’s new Ultimate Case Prep Kit has nearly every tool you need to uniform brass before reloading.

Ammunition reloading is perhaps more accessible today than ever before.

Nearly every company that manufactures presses and other handloading gear offers a basic kit that gives shooters everything they need to get started on the rewarding discipline. But, as quickly becomes evident, those kits typically have to have a number of tools added to it.

One of the leaders in reloading tools, though, looks like it’s making stocking a reloading bench easier and a bit cheaper with one of its newest products. Like its name implies, the Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit has all the tools a reloader needs to ensure their bass is uniform and ready to become a precision cartridge. And it also has a few extras that are certain to prove useful.

The kit has 14 pieces and includes the following tools:

  • E-ZEE Case Gauge
  • Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller with two collets
  • Extra Large Debuff Tool
  • Outside Chamfer Tool
  • Flash Hole Uniformer
  • VLD Chamfer Tool
  • Small Primer Pocket Reamer
  • Large Primer Pocket Reamer
  • Small Primer Pocket Uniformer
  • Large Primer Pocket Uniformer
  • Small Primer Pocket Cleaner
  • Large Primer Pocket Cleaner
  • Nylon Case Neck Brushes with Brush Handle: 25 Cal., 30 Cal., 45 Cal.
  • Dry Case Neck Lube

The bullet puller is a nice addition to the kit and can often be one of those tools reloaders put off too long buying. But they’re worth their weight in gold, helping erase mistakes, while salvaging components for use in another load.

The kit also is designed to remain organized through its handy hard-plastic case. Presently the Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit has an MSRP of $140, which the Connecticut manufacturer pegs a 40-percent less than if the tools were bought individually.

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