Look For The Perfect Fit

Look For The Perfect Fit

Your concealed carry handgun should fit your hand. We can have long and drawn out debates about which make, model and caliber of handgun is the “best”, but the reality is that your pistol needs to fit. You will never really able to shoot your pistol to the best of your ability if the gun doesn't fit your hand. So you should try lots of pistols before you settle on the one that you will drop into your concealed carry holster and tote around all day.

As a rule, the first distal joint on your trigger finger should comfortably reach the trigger when you hold the pistol in a firing grip. Handguns, depending on their grip and grip angle can easily be too large or too small for your particular hand. So you have three options: you can get a different gun, get a different grip or get a gun with an adjustable grip.

Here is a short video we put together on the H&K P30. A great gun that offers plenty of options for getting the grip just right.

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