What Would You Do If You Knew TEOTWAWKI Was Coming?

What Would You Do If You Knew TEOTWAWKI Was Coming?

TEOTWAWKI-is-ComingIf living healthy means taking care of yourself as well as your family and friends, are you obligated to let them know about life-changing warnings? Let's say, the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI)?

It's not as irrelevant a question as it seems. Last week, Ukrainian astronomers predicted that a large asteroid may collide with Earth in 2032. The chances of this happening are slim, but they're still higher than the typical flyby (and there are a lot of them, check out this asteroid flyby chart and try to sleep tight tonight). Even more alarming, this 2032 asteroid is so large it's designated as a “minor planet.”

Did those scientists have a duty to report that dire warning to the world? With odds so low, it's easy to say yes. But what if the odds were 100 percent? Would it be responsible to tell others?

That's what Living Ready asked readers on its Facebook page. The most interesting answers are below.

Here's one last disturbing thought. Many people said they wouldn't tell a soul if they knew TEOTWAWKI was coming. By that reasoning, there could be someone – a scientist, politician, religious leader or just an average Joe – out there right now with that kind of knowledge and you'd never know it. If TEOTWAWKI was coming tomorrow, you wouldn't receive a heads up.

What Would You Do If You Knew TEOTWAWKI Was Coming?

“I'd tell everyone that I knew.” – Cheryl Lien

“If I was the only one who knew, I wouldn't tell a another soul.” – Jonathan Cooper

“Morally obligated to tell someone…problem is, as a known ‘paranoid' (someone who does a little prepping) no one would listen to me, any more than they give any regard to my suggestions to put some gear and food aside for simple prudence.” – Jcharles Tower

“I think the real question is, if all the world governments knew, would they tell us?” – Joyce L. Suich

“Odd question. How any ONE person could know this without anyone else knowing is impossible to imagine. On the other hand, I watch the weather where I have family living and don't hesitate to call if something bad is heading their way.” – Mike Phillips

“I'd tell everyone and have one hell of a week long party!” – Paul Kendall

“I'd tell my family members and announce it on my Facebook page. Probably my immediate neighbors, too. They're nice folks.” – Carrie Bartkowiak

“Well, if I was going to tell someone, it would only be people who could keep it a secret. And it would not be people in a city or in high population areas.” – James Thomas Hyde, Jr.

Your Turn: Would You Tell Anyone About TEOTWAWKI?

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