Hunting Guns: More Important than Survival Food?

Hunting Guns: More Important than Survival Food?


Which is more important to preparedness: hunting guns or survival food? Find out why a bullet might be better than a breadstick in this interesting feature.

All components of SHTF plans are important: survival communication, food, shelter, survival or hunting guns, medicine and gear are just a few. In a perfect world, a household would have enough money to purchase everything needed or all the skills to fill in the gaps. But that's just not the case.

With mortgages, insurance, day-to-day expenses and other financial burdens, prepared people have to make quick decisions about the preps they purchase. To put this into context, we asked readers to choose between survival guns and preserved food. The question was:

For long-term survival, would you rather have all the hunting guns, ammo and gear you could ever need and have to hunt for every meal you ate OR would you rather have all the food you could ever eat but never be able to use firearms, bows or other hunting gear?

Survival Guns or Food?

Many readers chimed in with their views. Just about everyone agreed that in the scenario above, hunting guns trump food.

“Firearms serve a dual purpose for both hunting and protection. So, truthfully, as tempting as an infinite food cache sounds, I'd stick with the firearms for the above reason.” – Steve Chapel

“I've never hunted a day in my life, but I would learn in a hurry.” – Ian Graham

“Either way you choose there is a good possibility that you will in the long run end up hungry and or dying. The food without any means of protecting it can easily be taken from you. Then you will have nothing. Having all the guns is no guarantee that you will be able to bring down game enough every single day or month. Balance is the key to life.” – Echo Moon

“Guns and gear. It's more work to hunt for your food, but you need protection.” – Julie Campbell

“You could trade gear for food VERY easy, not so much food for guns!” – Damon Stelly

“Hunting gear. It could serve dual purpose, like protection.” – Dale Durgin

“I'm going with the gear. Just have to get my wife to adjust her tastes a bit.” – Kyle Balek


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