Help Us Design a Bug-Out Bike

Help Us Design a Bug-Out Bike

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For a lot of city dwellers, a bugging out in a vehicle isn't an option. Many urbanites don't own cars in the first place. Those who do might find roads chronically congested and impassable by vehicle – and that's before a disaster hits. The solution is a bug-out bike.

In Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, author Creek Stewart explains the benefits of bug-out bikes for city folks. He writes:

Bicycles, for example, can be outfitted to carry a surprising amount of extra supplies in addition to BOB on your back. They are also not dependent on fuel, which will be in limited supply during any large-scale evacuation. [Bikes] also have excellent maneuverability through traffic jams and congested traffic.

The same could be said for motorbikes to a certain extent. But despite being fuel sippers, they're still going to need to fill up at some point. The pedal power of a bug-out bike can function so long as the rider can.

That's one rider, which is a major downside of bug-out bikes. Bringing someone else along on the handlebars only works in third grade. When it comes to bug-out bikes, everyone in the family unit should have their own set of wheels. Two- and three-person bikes make a degree of sense, but we at Living Ready have yet to give this tactic a full evaluation.

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