Hands On! Wiley X Gives Eyes Fashion, Function


Glasses and shooting go together like Pamela Anderson and a video camera. You just need something covering your eyeballs. And when you reach for good glasses, you should get your hands on a pair from Wiley X.

The Climate Control Series from Wiley X Eyewear takes state-of-the-art eye protection to new extremes. The glasses include a foam “gasket,” for lack of a better term, that blocks dust and even stray light from the edges of the frame. It felt odd at first, but I quickly learned to ignore the foam and enjoy the fact there was no dust in my eyes. And as you can see from the photo, the glasses looked good, too.

The series includes six lightweight frames that trace their high-function, high-fashion styling to Wiley X’s heritage of providing advanced vision protection for the world’s most challenging environments. The JP-2, AirRage, Blink, Ink, Top Jimmie and Brick ANSI-certified frames accommodate various face shapes and sizes for the best combination of looks and protective performance.

Each model accepts prescription lenses and features an exclusive durable, removable foam gasket that’s symmetrically vented and locks into the ANSI-certified frame. The unique design stops the stuff that always seems to get through traditional sunglasses, particularly in windy or dusty outdoor conditions.

Climate Control Series frames are offered in several stylish finishes, including Matte Black, Metallic Black, Gloss Black, Aluminum Gloss, Crystal Metallic and Crystal Bronze. Each pair comes with a durable case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Check out www.wileyx.com.

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