Hands On! Gold Line Holsters Hold Tight

A classic handgun deserves a great holster. And sometimes, you just need something that looks sharp; something black-leather cool, like Samuel L. Jackson had in Shaft.
Bring on the Gould & Goodrich B800-194 Gold Line holster. This open-top two-slot holster is the epitome of form and function. Classic styling and top-notch construction make this a holster that does any gun proud. I got my hands on a B-800-194 built to cradle a Colt Commander (or other similar cut-down 1911-style pistol), and the combination is nothing short of nirvana.
Cut from top-quality leather and stitched to perfection, my .45 nestles into the holster like it was made for it. That's because, of course, it was. The B800 series will fit belts up to 1¾ inches and rides high enough to keep the pistol out of the way yet comfortable until you need it. 

If you want to carry with class, get your hands on a Gould & Goodrich holster. The company has a model to fit your gun. Check it out at www.gouldusa.com.


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