Video: AR Fruit Salad by Jerry Miculek

Video: AR Fruit Salad by Jerry Miculek

There are plenty of shooters out there with impressive skill sets. But there are few who can wow the crowd as consistently as Jerry Miculek.

It seems like anytime the top competitive shooter and holder of a number of records picks up a gun he drops jaws. And it doesn't matter what type of firearm it is either. Handgun, shotgun or rifle, Miculeck will make it sing.

In the above video, the ace is at it again, this time strutting his stuff with his trusty Smith & Wesson M&P15. He pits his AR shooting skills against a whole array of fruit: An orange, apple and even a grape. For those who know and appreciate Mr. Miculek's work, the fact he slices and dices this produce will come as no surprise – given he is around 10- to 15-yards out. But he adds one heck of a twist to make this trick still raise eyebrows.

How fast do you think you can you acquire a grape-sized target and send a round dead center from low ready with the safety on? Well, in Miculek's case the feat can be accomplished in around one-half second. That's pretty dang quick.

Miculek's speed, however, does little to knock off his accuracy. Pay attention to the slow-motion, close-up shots shown after he destroys each piece of fruit; Miculek is nearly dead center on each one of his targets.

This video is impressive as almost every one Mr. Miculek's has turned out before it. And as always, there is only one thing to say after watching this guy sling copper-jacketed lead – Dang Jerry!

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