Nate Squared Tactical makes a great IWB concealed carry holster you can wear all day.

I just had the chance to look over and try on a new holster from Nate Squared Tactical. This inside the waistband concealed carry holster is not just the best of “both” worlds, it is the best of several worlds: Comfort, concealment, retention, adaptability. This line of holsters has a lot to offer.

The IWB holsters offered by Nate Squared Tactical have been called “the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the market today.” Subjective? Yes, but the design in patented, the materials are top-notch and the system is so simple you want to slap your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Nate Squared Holsters combine oil-tanned leather with a soft suede backing to make a thin yet supportive and comfortable platform for the holster. The Original and Orignal Tuckable models use an elastic band to secure the pistol, the Professional model uses molded polycarbonate shell to allow for easy re-holstering.

I have tried on both style holsters and simply love the fit and feel. Yes it is nearly impossible to reholster with the Original model, but the reality of a deadly force situation means you will likely not reholster until the situation is clear. At that point the police will likely tell to put your weapon on the ground. Follow their instructions. This holster allows for comfortable all-day concealed carry. If you have to pull your gun you likely won’t be worrying about putting it away until you feel safe.

I like the simplicity, quality and comfort these holsters offer. You can find the complete line at


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  1. I have 2 of these holsters for my Glock and for me they are the best I have ever owned. I strictly use the polycarbonate shell model now and it does have somewhat of a handgun retention feature to it, all you have to do is slightly twist the grip towards your hip a bit as you draw and it comes right out. Another feature I really like is the belt clip, it is completely adjustable so you can set your own draw angle. Finally it’s just plain comfortable all year long, you forget you’re carrying about 5 minutes after your rig is on. It’s definitely worth the money and it ships directly from the makers ($3.00) and I got mine in three days after ordering.

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