CrossBreed Holsters Sponsors Personal Defense Network Training Tour 2012

CrossBreed Holsters Sponsors Personal Defense Network Training Tour 2012

Personal Defense Network LogoHolster manufacturer CrossBreed Holsters, LLC, has announced its sponsorship of the Personal Defense Network (PDN) Training Tour 2012.

“CrossBreed is proud to partner with the best of the industry on many levels,” says Mark Craighead of CrossBreed. “We think that PDN and [lead instructor] Rob Pincus are doing a great thing with a worthy cause, and we are glad to lend our support.”

For its first-ever cross-country Training Tour, PDN has brought together top instructors in the industry to train students from coast to coast. The PDN tour truck actually began in March. But between now and July, the Tour will make approximately three dozen stops at cities all over the U.S.

The tour covers a variety of fundamental and advanced personal defense topics such as Combat Focus® Shooting, Martial Blade Concepts and Advanced Pistol Handling.

PDN was formed to provide high-quality personal defense instructional videos and articles for conscientious civilians, law enforcement personnel and military operators interested in learning the most efficient and complete methods of personal defense. Course fees vary.

To view tour dates and registration information, visit Personal Defense Network.


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