The Best Survival Knives of 2013 – So Far

The Best Survival Knives of 2013 – So Far

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The Best Survival Knives of 2013 – So Far

I recently took on a special assignment from Living Ready to find the best survival knives of 2013 so far. I dug through fixed blade survival knives, cheap survival knives, so-called Rambo survival knives and more at the 2013 Blade Show to bring you a few models running for the title of the ultimate survival knife of 2013.

The above represents my nine survival knife choices, as seen in the Fall 2013 issue of Living Ready (on print and digital stands around Aug 10). This issue also features survival razors, something readers may not have heard of before.

My Top 9 Survival Knives

  • Southern Grind Bad Monkey Folding Modified Tanto
  • Hallmark Cutlery BB0114 Jungle Commander
  • Bear & Son Cutlery Bear Ops CC-600-B4-B Constant II
  • Colonial Knife Corp. CE 200 Nomad
  • Mission Knives CSP (Chance Sanders Professional)
  • ESEE Knives ESEE-4
  • SOG Tangle
  • Spyderco Bushcraft
  • Premium Knife Supply The Rival Knife

Outstanding Gear and Resources


Special Forces Survival Guide

Survival Straps Survival Bracelet

SAS Survival Handbook


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