Is This $295 Emergency Food Storage Cooler Worth It?

Is This $295 Emergency Food Storage Cooler Worth It?
Is $295 too much for a cooler?

A $295 cooler? Are you crazy?

Is $295 too much for a cooler?
Is $295 too much for a cooler?

When the folks at our sister brand, Deer & Deer Hunting, first brought over this Icey-Tek 55-quart cooler for the Living Ready staff to check out, I couldn't believe it. Not the cooler. The price tag.

“You paid $295 for a cooler?” I said. “In that case, I'd like to tell you about the ocean front property I'm looking to sell cheap.”

But it soon became clear why the Deer & Deer Hunting crew had the cooler. It's not just a cooler. It's a time machine.

Which is to say, time ceases to exist inside it. That makes it the ultimate emergency food storage container.

The ultimate emergency food storage container

Here's what I mean. An average $50 or so cooler off the shelf at the local superstore will keep things cold for about 12 hours. After that, the ice melts and you're left with cooler soup.

The Deer & Deer Hunting crew had no use for cooler soup. What they needed something like a portable, non-electric refrigerator for keeping game fresh for long periods of time.

They got it with the Icey-Tek coolers. It's almost magical how ice doesn't melt inside the cooler. The super-insulated cooler will keep ice solid for days, not hours. Adding wild game and other food doesn't change that performance.

Stack that against the typical survival food buckets and survival food storage containers out there, and suddenly $50 doesn't look like such a great deal.

Not just for emergency food storage

While it's clear how the Icey-Tek coolers could help hunters, campers and others in the outdoors, the preparedness community might still need help seeing the benefits. After all, $295 is just one of the price points. They go up from there, too. That's money that could be spent on other preps.

Look at it this way. Icey-Tek coolers aren't just for survival food storage. They could be used for…

  • Keeping medicine, such as insulin, cold during extended blackouts
  • Storing food from the fridge and freezer when the power is out
  • Bugging out
  • Bugging in
  • Keeping heirloom seeds fresh at a stable temperature (remember that coolers don't make things hot or cold, they just retain the temperature inside)
  • Storing ammunition in a cool, dark, dry place

Coolers can seem like an afterthought. But a cooler isn't a cooler. There are good ones and bad ones. Your preparedness is only as good as its weakest link.

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