Ballistic App Teams Up with Kestrel Meters

Ballistic App Teams Up with Kestrel Meters


Few bits of technology have changed everyday life more in the past half century than mobile devices. From shopping to scheduling to media consumption, there are few corners these omnipresent gadgets haven’t touched.

As surprising as it might sound, marksmanship is another facet of the world upon which mobile devices have exerted their influence, definitely for the better. Ballistic Advanced Edition app by Momentum Labs is one such example.

The incredibly powerful ballistic calculator for iOS devices has revolutionized dialing in the shot. Utilizing the potent JBM Ballistics engine the application is just what most need to get on target — no matter the distance.

Ballistic AE has been such a boon for shooters, Gun Digest has partnered up with them. And recently, the indispensable bit of software became all the more powerful with another shooting industry collaboration. Teaming up with Kestrel, Ballistic’s ability to account for environmental conditions has become unparalleled.

The application has launched Bluetooth integration for Kestral’s 5 Series and DROP products, allowing real-time delivery of atmospheric conditions to Ballistic App. Pretty much what this means is the app and the meter can handle anything Mother Nature dishes out, right at that moment.

The wind shifts, the barometric pressure drops, the temperature spikes — all these could be make-or-break variables to producing coveted cloverleaf groupings. And in the past, these required some educated guess work on the part of the marksman.

“With accurate on-site wind speed and air density measurements sent wirelessly (from a Kestrel Meter) to the user’s iOS device, the Ballistics app can now calculated far more precise firing solutions,” said Alix James, CEO of Kestrel’s parent company Nielsen-Kellerman.

Taking advantage of Ballistic and Kestrel’s integration is extremely simple, to boot. All that is required — aside from an iOS device and one of the compatible meters — is a $19.99 upgrade to the app. The purchase is made in the application itself and is completely functional upon download.

From there, it’s just a matter of shooters making good use of the data Ballistic and Kestrel provide… that and a smooth trigger pull.

Mobil devices have certainly been a disruptive technology, streamlining and simplifying everyday life. Now is definitely the time to let these tools do the same for marksmanship.

Interested in Ballistic Advanced Edition and its upgrades? Then check out what the No. 1 ballistic calculator for iOS devices has to offer HERE!

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