SHOT Show 2016: Glock 17 MOS and Glock 19 MOS


New for SHOT Show 2016 is the just released Glock 17 MOS and Glock 19 MOS (Modular Optic System), reviewed here by popular Youtuber Hank Strange.

Glock’s MOS, which was unveiled at last year’s 2015 SHOT Show, was initially offered for Gen 4 models G34, G35, and G41 — and a long-slide 10mm Glock, the G40.

This year, the global empire has released the optics-ready system for its popular G17 and G19 models, which have dominated the concealed carry market for years.

Glock 17 MOS, Glock 19 MOSAlready, companies like Galco are releasing new holster models such as the Blakguard, designed to accept handguns outfitted with reflex-style optics.

As explained in the video, the MOS versions are standard Gen 4 Glock, with the addition of the removeable plates — four are included in the box, comprising the Glock MOS Adapter Set — giving you the option of adding a red dot sight of your choice from various manufacturers.

Strange runs a Vortex Razor with 3 MOA dot. Interestingly, this optic is not listed in Glock’s literature, but does fit the pistol with no issues as he shows (he did have to order shorter screws via Fastenal from Mr. Glock Nut as he notes in the comments).

Is a red dot for you, particularly on a concealed carry gun? It’s a question only you can answer but, as Strange points out, it’s hard to argue with the fast target acquisition afforded by a reflex optic.

Naturally, gun owners will need to assess the cost-benefit for themselves, but for $50-$75 extra cost for the MOS models, it’s likely to beat custom gunsmithing costs to get the same outcome. And that’s not saying anything about the extra flexibility in sight options afforded by the MOS system, should you wish to switch optics brands later.

Source: Hank Strange

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