All your CCW needs in one place

Complete CCW information and gear in one location:

Training and information are the most important elements of effective concealed carry. Now Gun Digest has brought together all the best information on choosing a concealed carry firearm, concealed carry holster and honing your shooting skills to prepare you for virtually any situation. This total package of CCW information provides information and training from the top names in defensive pistol shooting and self-defense. You'll get books, videos and handy gun storage rug to help you get your pistol and gear back and forth to the range. Whether you shoot an old-school revolver or modern polymer pistol like a Glock or Smith & Wesson,  the information contained here will help you improve your skills and hone your mental edge. Everything you need to improve your concealed carry skills is right here at one low price.  Now that you are ready to take your Concealed Carry skills to the next level, take a look at all this package has to offer from the best names in the business at a discount that can't be beat.


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