Video: The Basics of the Infamous AK-47

Video: The Basics of the Infamous AK-47

Think you know everything about the AK-47? Well, find out as this short video hits some of the major points regarding this influential rifle.

When it comes to modern rifles, there are few that have gained the fame and infamy of the AK-47. During the latter half of the 20th Century, perhaps no other firearm has been used in more conflicts worldwide than the Soviet-designed rifle.

With a history as a long and intriguing as that, it should come as no surprise Mikhail Kalashnikov’s invention has an interesting tail to tell. And the does a pretty good job of touching upon some of the more interesting points of the 7.62x39mm rifle in this short video.

By no means is this an exhaustive exploration of the firearm. Truly, a multi-part series could be made about the AK-47 given its lengthy record. But in the span of 7 minutes, it does hit upon some of the rifle's high points and intriguing trivia.


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