Prices Keep Rising for Pre-1900 Firearms

Prices Keep Rising for Pre-1900 Firearms
British Martini-Henry rifle.

British Martini-Henry rifle.
British Martini-Henry rifle.

Ron DicksonGreat Eastern National Gun Day and JAG Military Show, Louisville, Ky.

“The collectible firearms market is just wild right now,” says Ron Dickson, manager of National Gun Day gun shows. “For firearms in really good condition, the prices are going through the roof.”

A standard Henry rifle, for example, starts at $20,000 but $35,000 and up is more likely at his shows, attended by many sellers and collectors of antique firearms.

As prices have gone higher for pre-1900 firearms, Dickson says younger, less-affluent collectors are buying up military firearms from World War I and World War II. Lugers and 1911 .45’s from World War II are in big demand, with high quality M1 Garands and M1 carbines still available for under $1,000.

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