Market Trends: Hunters Shoot for Bargain-Priced Deer Guns in Virginia

Market Trends: Hunters Shoot for Bargain-Priced Deer Guns in Virginia

AmericanRifleJustin Perkins – Oceana Pawn, Gun, Bait & Tackle, Virginia Beach, Va.
As would be expected for the 2013-2014 deer season, Virginia retailers saw an uptick in calibers perfect for putting venison on the table.

At one firearms outlet, however, there was a marked trend in exactly what hunter were searching for in a deer gun. All in all, the top sellers at Oceana Pawn, Gun, Bait & Tackle have been guns that go light on the wallet.

Many are buying either the Ruger American ($389.00 without a scope) and the Savage AXIS XT rifle with 3-9 scope included ($400).

Top calibers in the bargain-rifle category are .243 Win and .308 Win.

“I’d sell a lot more used deer files, but I just can’t get in many,” notes Justin Perkins, manager of Oceana Pawn, Gun, Bait & Tackle.

On other hunting fronts, Perkins has seen a certain shotgun gain favor with waterfowlers. The Stoeger M3000, a 3-inch semi-auto – selling at $600 – has been the choice for those aiming to plate ducks and geese.

Like many retailers around the country, Oceana has felt the ammo squeeze. In particular, tactical and self-defense ammunition is still scare.

Perkins has good stocks of centerfire rifle ammunition in standard hunting calibers and bullet weights.

For the no-frills varieties, a 20-round box runs $20 to $21 compared to $18 a couple years ago.

ABCs of Rifle Shooting

The ABCs of Rifle Shooting

The ABCs of Rifle Shooting by David Watson holds to the idea that shooters should hone their skills and streamline their equipment to achieve the desired results, rather than merely seeking out the newest pieces of equipment. Learn to put the time, effort, and training into the firearm you use—whichever you choose will be an accurate rifle because you’ve adapted to using it, not because it’s the latest and greatest, or most expensive model.


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