Video: The Zen of AK Magazine Manufacturing

Video: The Zen of AK Magazine Manufacturing

The AK-47 is among the world's most iconic firearms – for good reason. The rifle spread like wildfire after World War II, finding its way into the most remote corners of the globe.

The firearm's profile is unmistakable, even to those who are not gun enthusiasts. The AK's magazine is among the features that makes the rifle so recognizable. A quick glance at the curves and angles of the stamped sheet metal and you know almost automatically which gun's mag well it fits.

The above micro-documentary was produced by the Bosnia- and Herzegovina-base Matra Group, who proudly boasts on its site it builds, “The toughest AK47 magazine made. Ever.”

Really, it is little more than a video of how an AK magazine is made. For AK lovers, gun enthusiasts and individuals who just love manufacturing, however, the video is a bit more. In essence, it's a moment of Zen.

The Gun Digest Book of the AK & SKS

The Gun Digest Book of the AK & SKS



  1. great video, much more skilled piece work than I expected. Thought it would much more automated. Very clean shop too. Yea a lot of Zen. I wish I had one of those gauges they use to check the body.


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