Market Trends: High-End 1911 Pistols Moving in Buckeye State

Market Trends: High-End 1911 Pistols Moving in Buckeye State

1911 Pistol.Rex A. GoreBlack Wing Shooting Center, Delaware, Ohio

American's have a passion for 1911 pistols, no surprise there. How much so can be demonstrated, in part, by Rex Gore.

The CEO of Black Wing Shooting Center has seen plenty of the pistols fly off his shelves this year. And when it comes to the iconic 1911, shooters a willing to shell out the big bucks for the best names.

“We have done very well with the higher-end 1911-style 45’s, selling Wilson Combat, Nighthawk and Ed Brown’s as soon as shipments arrive,” Gore said. “These $2,500 to $5,000 guns are selling better than the lower price point 1911’s, like Colt and Ruger.”

The 1911 pistol's sales stand in contrast of the rest of Black Wing's sales.

Earlier this year, Gore rated sales over this recent winter as “soft,” and though the very cold, extremely harsh weather kept a number of potential customers home.

Overall, sales numbers here are tracking to a 5-10 percent increase over the same months in 2012, and are down from the record sales months of 2013.

As in most of the nation, Black Wing is experiencing very strong sales in concealed carry handguns, especially for Sauer P238 and P938’s, plus Glock 41 and 42’s.

Used gun sales have declined here, “only because we can’t get enough quality used guns to sell,” Gore notes.

“Throughout 2013 we saw a decline in used guns available to purchase, as people seemed to be holding on to what they have. However, as we get them in, used guns move very fast,” he said.


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