Market Trends: First Time, Recreational Shooters Numbers Growing

Market Trends: First Time, Recreational Shooters Numbers Growing

Recreational ShootersTammy Sapp – Bass Pro Shops, National Headquarters Springfield, Mo.

Mega outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops has more than 60 stores in the United States and Canada, plus does major sales via the internet.

And one definite trend the chain is seeing, as reported earlier this year, is the purchase of first rifles and shotguns for youngsters.

Favorites include the Henry Mini-Bolt .22LR youth model at $300, and the Marlin XT-22YR youth model for $200.

“In shotguns, 20-gauge models are our number one seller for these first-time shooters,” Tammy Sapp said, communications director for Bass Pro Shops.

In centerfire rifles, .223 and .243 calibers lead the way.

“We've also been selling first firearms to others, including numerous women who want to shoot for fun or to own a firearm for personal protection,” she said.

Bass Pro Shop gun managers report many customers specifically looking to become recreational shooters, with no real thoughts of hunting or self-defense.

“We're selling increasing numbers of shotguns that will never see a feather, and rifles in calibers large and small whose only purpose is to hit long-range targets or put bullets in ever-decreasing group sizes,” Sapp said.

Editor's Note: This brief originally appeared in the January 27, 2014 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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