Photo Gallery: Bolt-Action Rifles for the Value Minded


It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a bolt-action rifle, just go to your local gun store and find out first hand. What is difficult is finding a solid long gun that doesn’t break the bank. Luckily, manufacturers of every stripe are offering excellent entry-level bolt-action rifles at reasonable prices. Here are 10 economical choices ($600 or less) that will get the job done in the field or at the range.

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Gun Digest 2015, 69th Annual Edition



  1. I once had a Mark 77 Ruger, in .220 Swift. Unfortunately, it never shot under 1-inch. Come to find out, after speaking with a Ruger Rep at a gun show, Ruger considers a barrel to “pass” spec at 2-inches per 100 yards. I have since sold the Ruger and now have a Rem 700 BDL with a Shilen barrel, 1 of 1000, in .220…. less than a 1/4″ with a 5 shot group, at 100 yds. with a 52 gr. BTHP by Hornady.

  2. Wow – an article about affordable bolt action rifles that fails to mention the Mosin Nagants? With a rifle AND a spam can of practice ammo costing about $200, this is the hands-down best buy on the planet. It isn’t very pretty, nor can it be easily ‘scoped, but it does provide a fun, accurate, reliable firearm that is capable of taking ALL North American big game, including the big bears. The rifles you did feature are all excellent – well finished, smooth, precision tools, but not every sportsman considers under $600 to be all that affordable.

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