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Practice makes perfect, unless it's the wrong kind of practice. And from a standpoint of prepping for defensive handgun use, dry reload practice might be more of a hindrance than help.
Getting a grasp on where an assailant must be shot to neutralize a threat and the power needed from a concealed carry handgun to do so goes a long way in making informed choices when going armed.
Serious shooters keep a DOPE or data book on particular weapons for a good reason. When called into duty, no matter the situation, they have a solid idea about how the firearm will preform.
Exterior Ballistics is simply the portion of a bullet's flight once it leaves the muzzle until it hits the target. It is important for shooters to understand the forces at play during this window, if they have their sights set on accuracy.
In a defensive shooting situation, these are the basics that will help to save you and your loved ones' lives.
Col. Jeff Cooper developed what he called the “Mozambique Drill” for the purposes of dealing with defensive shooting situations where a center mass shot won't do the job.
Like the original Geovid and Rangemaster, these new commemorative models from Leica still have the ability to absolutely wow their users.
Precise and consistent performance when behind the trigger isn’t rocket science. It’s mastering the basics of shooting — position, breath control, trigger discipline and clear sight picture.
Shooters in a couple specific niches are certain to be excited with what Ruger has cooked up for its ever-evolving line of rimfire semi-automatics.



In 1955, Colt’s Firearms introduced what many believe to be the most elegant .357 Magnum revolver ever created—the Python. This example is an Ultimate Python in stainless steel and has the best features found with any Python, plus the bonus of custom grips to make it one of the nicest .357 Magnum revolvers one can find.

The .357 Magnum: 20th Century Handgun and Cartridge

Forty years ago, one handgun caliber dominated all others, regardless the intended application. Whether for law enforcement, self defense, hunting or plinking the .357 Magnum reigned supreme.