Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Joins The Game

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Joins The Game

A heftier version of the original, the Q5 Match Steel frame is race ready.

How the Q5 Match Steel frame is optimized for competition:

  • 41.5 ounces
  • All-steel construction
  • Ported slided
  • .4-inch trigger travel
  • 5.6-pound trigger pull
  • Wrap-around grip panel
  • Optic-ready slide
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Reversable mag release

Weight is always a consideration when it comes to handguns, but, contrary to popular belief there occasions where more is better. Competition is definitely one of them. A bit more heft means a tad less recoil, thus shoot'n and scoot'n get a little more accurate and faster.


Walther applied this elementary physics and performance lesson to its popular race gun, and the results should turn competitive shooters' heads. The Q5 Match Steel frame has all the bells and whistles of its polymer compatriot, but tips the scales at a beefy 41.5 ounces. That's nearly twice the weight of the original Q5 Match.

Built for performance, the German-made 9mm has all the enhancement you'd expect from a pistol starting at $1,500. A few of its notables include ample porting, optic-ready milled slide with interchangeable mounting plates, 5-inch match barrel and crisp 5- to 6-pound trigger.

Walther's press release:

(Fort Smith, Ark.) – Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to offer the highest level of Quality and Precision on the market with the Q5 Match Steel frame.

Combining the industry leading PPQ Quick-Defense Trigger, superior accuracy, and unmatched ergonomics found in the popular Q5 Match model, while adding in a high-quality precision-machined frame, the Q5 Match Steel Frame has raised the bar in pistol performance. The pistol comes standard with LPA Fiber Optic front sight, LPA Adjustable rear sight, and optic mounting plates to accommodate most micro red-dot optics available. The Q5 Match Steel frame will initially be available in two models: the standard model with three fifteen-round magazines, and the PRO model with new Walther Performance accessories including a low-profile magwell and aluminum magazine extensions that increase the capacity to 17 rounds.

“Walther’s goal was to take our existing high-performance PPQ, the Q5 Match, and push the boundaries of performance further than anything offered on the market,” said Bret Vorhees, Director of Product Development for Walther Arms. “The Q5 Match Steel Frame exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, quality, and attention to detail. This new product line shows what Walther is really capable of, and it’s just the beginning.”

MSRP for the Q5 Match Steel Frame starts at $1,499.00 and are available for purchase immediately.

walther q5

Q5 Match Steel Frame
Caliber: 9MM
Barrel Length: 5 inch 1/10 TWIST
Trigger Pull: 5.6 LBS
Trigger Travel: 0.4 inch
Capacity: 15 Rounds
Overall Length: 8.7 inch
Height: 5.4 inch
Safety: 3 AUTO
Width: 1.3 inch
Weight Empty: 41.6 ounces

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For more information on the Q5 Match Steel match, please visit: www.waltherarms.com.


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