Video: New Lineup of CZ-USA Pistols


Take a gander at the new CZ-USA pistols hitting the market this year, including the gunmaker’s heralded new striker-fired P-10.

CZ-USA is a prolific gunmaker. Whether your passion is wingshooting, tactical arms or punching tightly grouped holes in paper, the Czech manufacturer has something to offer.

This year the company has turned its studied eye toward its pistol lineup, and as Gun Digest editor Luke Hartle finds out in the above video, CZ-USA is offering quite a selection.

But of the three pistols CZ-USA’s Danae Hale showcases, it’s the first one that has generated the most attention in the gun world. While the P-10 isn’t the first striker-fired pistol the company has produced, it is the first new model it has brought to market in a spell. And with features such as an oversized trigger guard and aggressive grip texturing, the pistol has some pretty well thought out characteristics that should make it a player in the concealed carry market.

It’s the last gun in the lineup, however, that catches Hartle’s attention, a slick-as-grease, race-ready CZ-USA pistol — the Shadow 2. With more than 2 years of R&D invested in the pistol, it is a worthy heir to the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, promising to be a faster competitive pistol, with more customizable features.

Of course, Hartle falls for the most expensive new pistol in CZ’s booth. Too bad he’s on an editor’s budget.


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