New Grand Power Q100 Now Shipping

New Grand Power Q100 Now Shipping

Grand Power Q100,

The Grand Power Q100 isn't just another striker-fired, polymer pistol. Utilizing an uncommon action, this Eastern European Gem is a real smooth shooter.

Grand Power, just the mere mention of the name conjures up thoughts of “Who exactly?” I guess flying under the radar is part and parcel of being a Slovakian firearms maker.

Despite its svelte profile, the manufacturer has steadily built a reputation of producing firearms that offer a lot in terms of performance, especially for the money. And with the help of Eagle Imports, the Eastern European gunmaker is shooting to tackle what could be considered one of the toughest nuts to crack in the U.S. gun market — striker-fired pistols.

Yes, the Grand Power Q100 is another one of those black-finished handguns long on polymer. But, with that said, the 15+1 capacity pistol definitely breaks the cookie cutter mold and offers shooters quite a different option than what they’ve grown accustom to from this segment. What sets the 9mm apart is the use of a rarely used locking system that imparts the pistol with some desirable qualities.

Unlike the modified Browning tilt-barrel design, the action utilizes a rotating barrel lock, which keeps the muzzle on the same axis throughout the entirety of the shot. A cutout on the barrel provides the rotating motion in conjunction with a roller bearing in the frame that disengages its two locking lugs through the energy of the recoil. Opting for this particular design has allowed Grand Power to lower the Q100's bore axis, keeping it more in line with the shooter's arm, thus reducing the felt recoil of the pistol. It also increases the accuracy potential by eliminating vertical play in the barrel.

The rotating barrel lock is an atypical, but not new, concept developed by Czech firearms engineer Karel Krnka. There are several other gunmakers who use the design besides Grand Power, though it's fair to say this style of action is uncommon overall.

The 4.3-inch barreled Q100 is a full-sized pistol, tipping the scales at 26.1 ounces. But with 1.4-inch width, it should still be a manageable concealed carry option for those comfortable with holstering a larger pistol.

The Grand Power Q100 is outfitted with a CNC machined chassis embedded into its polymer frame. All of its controls — magazine release, slide release — are ambidextrous. It has drift-adjustable steel rear sights and a plastic blade front. It comes with four interchangeable handgrips, to help the fit conform to any shooter. And it is has an integral Picatinny rail for the easy addition of accessories.

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching features of the pistol is its price tag. With an MSRP of $574, it is competitive with the entire striker-fired market.


Grand Power Q100
Caliber: 9 mm
Action: DAO
Capacity: 15+1
Barrel Length: 4.3″
Front Sight: Plastic
Rear Sight: Drift-Adjustable Steel
Finishes: Black
Grips: Polymer Construction: Steel Slide, Steel Frame, Polymer Grip
Safety: Firing pin and trigger
Weight: 26.1 oz.
Length: 8″
Height: 5.3″
Width: 1.4″
MSRP: $574.00


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