New Handgun: Kimber’s Super Jägare

New Handgun: Kimber’s Super Jägare

Super Jägare

Kimber's new Super Jägare sets to arm hunters with a trustworthy semi-automatic ready to take aim at large, medium and small game alike.

Given the selection of large-bore cartridges, handgun hunting used to be exclusively the realm of revolvers. But as the discipline has gained favor with hunters seeking a new challenge, more and more semi-automatics have been heading afield.

The venerable 10mm round has made the style of pistol a viable and reasonable option for a wide variety of game. Combined with a semi-automatic platform, it offers enthusiasts a number of interesting advantages, including relatively judicious recoil and the potential for fast follow-up shots.

Super Jägare

Kimber is the latest to go on the hunt, applying its 1911-knowhow to build a 10mm that aims to excel in function, as well as elegance. The Super Jägare is now available and comes purpose built to chase anything from whitetails to coyotes straight from the box.

Perhaps one of the more intriguing aspects of the 10mm is it comes standard without traditional sights. Taking the place of the customary blade and notch is a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro rear-mounted red-dot sight.

This is a logical move in many respects, given most in the handgun hunting game opt for an optic anyhow. And in this case, hunters get a rugged reflex sight that facilitates fast target acquisition and hand-free operation. The sight features Leupold’s Motion Sensor Technology that activates illumination upon any movement of the unit.

The 42-ounce Super Jägare is outfitted with a 6-inch barrel to maximize the potential of the round. And it is configured to keep the gun on target during multiple shots, utilizing a ported barrel intended to reduce muzzle flip. Aligned ports on the slide allow gas to escape more freely and add a touch of flair to the design, while keeping internal mechanisms cleaner.

Super Jägare

The pistol's controls have been maximized for easy operation in the heat of a hunt or in gloved hands. The ambidextrous thumb safety provides ample space to get the gun into the hunt and an aggressively checkered magazine release facilitates speedy reloads of the 8-round magazine — should the occasion call for it.

The slide has also been augmented to include forward scallop cocking serrations, but along the length of the top. This was done to avoid the ports, but at the same time it offers plenty of real estate to manipulate the pistol and its 18.5-pound recoil spring.

Kimber has endowed the Super Jägare with its usual panache, making the pistol an eye-catching two-tone design. However, the KimPro gray stainless steel frame and matte black Diamond-like Carbon coating on the slide shouldn’t catch light to tip off potential game that they're in a hunter’s sights. The high-grip beavertail and undercut trigger guard should give shooters a firm grip and allow the deeply checkered Micarta grip panels to do their job.

Like all Kimbers, the Super Jägare leans toward the ritzier end of the 1911 market. But given all its bells and whistles, the $2,688 MSRP might be just right for some hunters, especially those itching to hit the field as soon as possible.

Super Jägare Specs
Caliber: 10mm
Height: 5.25 in.
Width: 1.28 in.
Overall Length: 9.7 in.
Barrel Length: 6 in.
Weight: 42 oz.
Capacity: 8+1
Twist Rate: 1:16
Pull Weight: 4-5 lbs. approximately


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