First Look: Henry Big Boy Revolvers


Henry has recently announced the .357 Magnum Big Boy Revolver, the company’s first-ever wheelgun.

Henry Repeating Arms of lever-action fame has recently announced its first-ever bonafide handgun in the form of the Big Boy Revolver. Advertised by the company as the perfect match for a Big Boy rifle, the Henry Big Boy Revolver is a traditional double-action/single-action .357 Magnum that’s available with two styles of grips.


Henry says that the Big Boy Revolver is aesthetically modeled after the Big Boy rifle series. That translates to a revolver with a deeply blued and polished steel frame, American walnut grips and a polished brass trigger guard. The medium-sized frame sports a 6-round cylinder, a 4-inch barrel and traditional revolver sights with a fixed rear notch and an interchangeable front blade. As mentioned, it features a DA/SA trigger and is chambered for .38 Special/.357 Magnum.


The grip is the only difference between the two available Henry Big Boy Revolver models. Both are made of American walnut, but one is a small and rounded birdshead-style grip while the larger and more traditionally shaped variant is called the Gunfighter. Both are available now and share an MSRP of $928.


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  1. Looks like a late model High Standard revolver with perhaps some Colt Police Positive lines. Henry entering the revolver market might be a smart marketing move? Why now?
    The MSRP puts it pretty close to what S&W sells their revolvers for. Or maybe just buy a Colt King Cobra for a bit less.
    Even the Rock Island revolver is nicer or even the Kimber KS6. Please explain Henry.

    • Right! But they are so old butt ugly. Maybe that’s why they are interesting. They look like old H&R revolvers where you had to remove the cylinder pin to remove the cylinder to reload. Got one, love it, it was my dad’s office handgun.


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