Daniel Defense Announces The DANIEL H9

Daniel Defense Announces The DANIEL H9

Daniel Defense has just announced the DANIEL H9, a redesigned and updated version of the original Hudson H9 9mm handgun.

Originally announced at SHOT Show 2017 by Hudson Mfg., the Hudson H9 made a big impression. The 9mm handgun had a lot going for it thanks to its unique design, and those who bought one seemed to be pleased with it, but the company unfortunately went under just a couple of years later. Fans of the H9 should be excited then, as Daniel Defense announced at SHOT Show 2024 that it had purchased Hudson’s patents and was bringing the pistol back as the DANIEL H9.

Despite looking nearly identical from the outside, the DANIEL H9 only shares a single component with the original Hudson. This is because of Daniel Defense’s commitment to quality, and while the Hudson H9 boasted a very innovative design, it ultimately didn’t meet Daniel Defense’s manufacturing standards. A few years, a million rounds of 9mm and a lot of research later, the refined DANIEL H9 was born. Now, Daniel Defense is confident that the pistol will share the same reputation of quality as the company’s rifles.


If you’re not familiar with the H9 design, it’s probably best described as a 1911 updated for the 21st century. It keeps many of the same well-loved features of the 1911, like a slim profile, a straight-pull trigger and a naturally pointing grip angle, with modern features like a striker-fire mechanism, an optics-ready slide and redesigned internals that allow the pistol to have the lowest bore axis in its class. That last detail is probably the most significant. Further, the DANIEL H9 is lighter than the original Hudson thanks to its aluminum frame—an update that Hudson had planned on incorporating before going bankrupt.


There’s a lot more that could be said about the H9, both the original concept and Daniel Defense’s redesigned version. This post isn’t for discussing every unique detail, however. It’s for bringing the good news that one of the most interesting pistols to be announced in recent years is not dead. Now in the hands of a large, reputable manufacturer, its life has really just begun. The DANIEL H9 is available now at select dealers and has an MSRP of $1,299.

For more information on the DANIEL H9’s specs, the features that set it apart from other modern pistols and what Daniel Defense did to improve upon the original Hudson, please visit danieldefense.com.

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