Video: Effectively Drawing Your Firearm


Drawing your firearm becomes a simple procedure if you break it down into its individual movements.

Many firearms instructors may not mean to, but often times they do. Overcomplicate the subject, that is. But when you get down to brass tacks, the defensive use of a pistol is simply a matter of quickly getting your sidearm into the fight, then getting hits on your target.

As to the first aspect, drawing your firearm is key. It’s a multi-step procedure, but one that involves relatively simple movements. Five of them to be exact:

  • Grip — establishing a fighting grip while the gun is still in the holster.
  • Draw — clearing your pistol or revolver from your holster.
  • Rotate — rotating the muzzle of the gun around 90 degrees so it points at your target.
  • Support hand — applying your support hand to your grip (also the time to disengage your manual safety, if your pistol has one).
  • Presentation — extending your arms into a full presentation.

Not really akin to solving a differential equation. Nonetheless, drawing your firearm requires practice for it to become efficient, effective and second nature. You also — as Richard Mann demonstrates in the above video — must consider how you carry. If you wear an exterior garment — coat, sweater, sweatshirt — you have to modify how you access your handgun to clear the garb.

In any case, if you’re a serious armed citizen, you’ll take the time to perfect how you draw your gun. Because it won’t matter a lick if you're a crack shot if you can’t get your pistol out of your holster.

Learn How To Run Your Defensive Pistol:

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