Versacarry Compound Series Rethinks The Hybrid Holster

Versacarry Compound Series Rethinks The Hybrid Holster

Combining Kydex and leather in a new way, the Compound Series adds a new twist to the hybrid holster concept.

How the Compound Series rethinks hybrid holsters:

  • Kydex is sandwiched in water-buffalo hide.
  • Creates rigid holster with excellent draw characteristics.
  • Retains classic good looks and comfort.
  • Reduces wear on a handgun's finish.

Kydex and leather, the partnership has served many an armed citizen well. Configured as a hybrid holster, the materials make for one of the most comfortable and concealable carry systems out there. Though, over the years, the style has become a bit rote. Laying down the gauntlet to the traditional retention shell-paddle arrangement, Versacarry has reimagined not only the hybrid holster’s look, but also its function.

Compound Holster

Combining the rigidity and wear resistance of Kydex with the comfort and classic good looks of leather, the Compound Series offers the best of both worlds. Ingeniously, the holster accomplishes this feat by sandwiching the plastic between two layers of water-buffalo hide, giving the softer material a superstructure … a backbone if you will. The results are a stiff holster with excellent draw characteristics that reduces wear on a gun’s finish and is soft against the carrier’s body. Furthermore, the rig is light (6.4 ounces), comes with a belt clip system for easy removal, boasts a retention screw and comes in three different frame sizes to fit most handguns.

More from Versacarry:

Bryan, TX – Versacarry, the company that created the Zerobulk Holster – one of the smallest and most comfortable handgun carry devices on the market today, is pleased to announce its Compound Series of holsters.

The Compound is a true hybrid holster unlike what is available from any other manufacturer. The unique design allows all of the comfort of a leather holster with the structural properties of a Kydex holster. The firearm itself never makes contact with the Kydex, making it as comfortable for the firearm as it is for the user. A layer of Kydex is embedded between layers of premium water buffalo leather. It is non-collapsible and features an exposed track of Kydex recessed in the leather to avoid the front sight from snagging. The merging of the two materials (water buffalo leather and Kydex) virtually eliminate unwanted stretching in the material.

The Compound Series is available in both inside the waistband (IWB) and outside the waistband (OWB) models and both feature an adjustable hardware for draw tension modification.

Compound Series Features:

  • Embedded Kydex frame
  • Rigid structure for easy re-holster
  • Integrated sight track
  • Double-ply protective backing
  • Non-collapsible

Product Specifications:

  • Left or Right Hand Available
  • Available in Black/ forest green Kydex or Distressed Brown Leather/black Kydex
  • Sizes Available for Most Handguns
  • Retail $68.00 (both IWB and OWB models)

For more information on the Compound Series, please visit:

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