Video: Does The 28-gauge Outdo The 12 On The Hunt?


Less punishing to shoot and producing arguably superior patterns, the 28-gauge is definitely worth a bird hunter's consideration.

One bore to rule them all. In essence, that’s the status the 12-gauge has reached for Americans, with the relatively large-bore shotgun the typical choice no matter the situation. Not that this is a bad thing, given the faithful 12 does its job superbly – be it hunting, smashing clays or defending hearth and home. However, when it comes to wingshooting, does it make the most sense? For Dave Miller, not necessarily.

When it comes to knocking birds out of the blue, the Guinness World Record holder for most clays broken in one hour swears up and down by the 28-gauge. Catch your breath for a moment and quit laughing. Miller’s dead serious about the small bore, and not just for quail and the like. It will send a pheasant or grouse into a tailspin just as quickly and just as dead as if it was popped by a 12.

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The rub is, the 28-gauge is a lot less punishing. Add on its ballistics are impeccable, well you’ve got one heck of bird gun.

Certainly, you’re dealing out a smaller payload than the standby 12, which leads many to believe a crack shot is required to put a bird in the bag. Not quite. At the same distance, the 28-gauge tends to produce a superior pattern, more open than the 12, yet tight enough to ensure the half-dozen or so pellets required to down a bird reach their mark. Furthermore, the 28 produces the same velocity as the 12, in turn, hits just as hard.

It’s a difficult proposition to convince most American’s the acme of shotguns might lie outside the 12-gauge. But Dave Miller makes a solid case the 28-gauge might just have the stuff to claim the crown.

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