SIG Sauer Shooting for Handgun Hunters with Ammo Additions

SIG Sauer Shooting for Handgun Hunters with Ammo Additions


As SIG Sauer fans well know, the scope of the company far exceeds just churning out firearms. From suppressors to firearms training to ammunition, it’s fairly safe to say the European-American company is much more than a gun maker at this point.

SIG’s ammunition line, in particular, has seemed to resonate with shooters and much of the gun world. Even Gun Digest has been impressed with the company’s wares, naming SIG’s Elite Performance Ammunition the best of 2015

The company’s cartridges have proven so popular it has even had SIG moving past what is generally considered its wheelhouse. The manufacturer best known for its semi-automatic pistols and AR-style rifles is again shooting at revolver shooters this year with its ammo expansion. Joining the .38 Special in the company’s wheelgun offerings are the .357 Magnum and .44 Rem Magnum.

While much of the Elite Performance Ammunition line is focused on self-defense and match shooting, SIG is not selling its new additions that way. The company pegs its .357 and .44 V-Crown hollow points as hunting cartridges, giving handgun hunters and lever-action aficionados what appear to be solid options. And with a 125-grain round for the .357 Magnum and 240 grains for the .44, SIG should have a wide spectrum of big- and medium-sized game covered.
“The 357 Magnum and 44 Rem Mag calibers are quite popular with handgun hunters,” said Dan Powers, president of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division in a press release. “These are accurate and powerful loads for hunting mid-sized animals such as hogs and deer, and they are also a top choice among hunters who carry a pistol for backup protection in the field.”

For fans of the .357 Magnum, there is also a full metal jacket option, which could help pinch pennies. The less expensive round is engineered to duplicate its hollow point compatriot’s ballistics. And according to SIG’s numbers, the two rounds appear extremely consistent, with only .2 inches difference in drop at 100 yards.



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