Kimber Releases New Models of K6s Revolver

K6s Stainless (LG)

While designed for the utmost performance, there is another aspect shooters can expect with a Kimber firearm — aesthetics. The Younkers, N.Y., gunmaker has shown a knack for producing some of the most fetching 1911s on the market today. But a year ago, Kimber turned its trained eye on another style of handgun with equally pleasing results.

K6s Stainless

The K6s is a purpose-built concealed carry revolver, configured to slip away unseen at the belt line or ankle and never weigh its user down. At 23 ounces, it is the world’s lightest small-framed 6-round .357 Magnum. But the wheel gun’s design points aren’t the only striking aspects of the gun — it also boasts the clean and impressive lines shooters have come to expect from Kimber.

The Kimber K6s’ design has become all the more attractive, not to mention useful, with the release of five new models for 2017, including three new stainless steel variations, one decked out concealed carry variant and a limited edition model.

K6s First Edition

The K6s Stainless features a low-glare brushed stainless steel frame and is outfitted with black rubber grips and white 3-dot sights. The grips provide a more positive hold on the pistol, help deaden the recoil and give shooters the piece of mind they’ll have complete control over the revolver no matter the conditions.

The K6s Stainless (NS) has the same features as the K6s Stainless, except its sights are configured for enhanced low-light operation. The white-dot sights have been swapped out for tritium night sights, allowing a clearer sight picture in dark conditions.

K6s Stainless (NS)

The K6s Stainless (LG) takes the revolver’s aiming abilities to the next level with an integrated laser sight. The handgun features Crimson Trace Master Series Lasergrips, which are constructed out of black wood and rubber. The grips are ergonomically designed allotting the shooter more control and automatically activating the laser sight when the pistol is gripped.

The K6s DCR (Deluxe Carry Revolver) has a smooth satin silver frame finish and heavily checkered Millennium Rosewood grips. It is outfitted with a red fiber optic front sight and black rear. Kimber has also released a limited edition of the revolver, the K6s First Edition. The handgun has a high-grade mirror-polished stainless steel frame, Pao Ferro wood grips and limited run of serial numbers.


Like the original Kimber K6s, all of the pistols are double-action only and have an enclosed hammer to ensure it never snags on the draw. Presently, the MSRPs on the revolvers are as follows: K6s Stainless $899, K6s Stainless (NS) $919, K6s Stainless (LG) $1,177, K6s DCR $1,088 and K6s First Edition $2,039.



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