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“They” may never really ‘come for you’, but when something is legal today and arbitrarily made illegal tomorrow, you’ve been had and didn’t even know it.

The process comes when someone introduces a concept and master prosecuting bodies or assigned agencies get the last word in how it all shakes out. The agencies may post that they are taking comments, but once they get ahold of it, they never let go and soon the concept of carrying a pocket knife with you will be illegal.

It’s a societal mistake to regulate and then to come after anything, and I’ll say why. When anti-gun activists try to mock gun ownership and gun owner apprehension about soft tyranny of the type we are seeing today, they like to carp out loud about how anyone is going to stop the Army when they come for us. ..almost as if they are gleefully looking forward to it. (Did you ever get the idea that some in this country are actually looking forward to a Police State?)

First, it probably won’t happen that way. There won’t likely be any confrontations between citizens and their own troops. It will be more subtle, such as coming to arrest violators of things which aren’t illegal at this time, but are becoming illegal. The pocket knives are the latest example. Soon, it will be what you eat or refuse to eat, or refuse in the way of a microchip or vaccine. Officials loathe independence. It means you don’t have to listen to them on issues where they have no such authority.

Rather than shoot-outs with troops, the result will be more that of officers to come a-calling while neighbors watch because they cannot relate to your situation of too many parking tickets, or refusing that chip, or refusing that diet, or anything, and they’ll mutter that he probably brought it all on himself, since they heard him complain about too much government.

You see, the agencies charged with deciding ultimately decide against the will of the people. Instead of taking No for an answer, they invite comments, but will still not reject the idea as an interference with our liberty. This is soft tyranny. They’re going to get their way instead of our getting our way.

Soft tyranny. Read more

Source: LA Gun Rights Examiner


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