Nebraska: Heineman Signs Concealed Gun Bill


LINCOLN — Two state senators hailed the signing of a new law on carrying handguns as a way to make certain law-abiding citizens aren't breaking the law.

Nebraska has had a concealed carry law for three years. More than 4,500 permits have been issued.

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But State Sens. Tony Fulton of Lincoln and Mark Christensen of Imperial said passage of LB 430 this year will make sure that holders of permits will not run afoul of city ordinances that prohibit concealed carry.

Christensen cited the example of a motorist speeding down Interstate 80 through Kearney, where concealed handguns were banned.

Under LB 430, those who obtain state concealed carry permits would be exempt from any city ordinances banning such gun possession. Read more

Source: Omaha World-Herald


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